Thursday, October 16, 2014

10 Thing To Track In Your Planner

My planner is a source of knowledge; my schedule, my family’s schedules, finance, work, and school are all locate in my planner.  

I make lists for everything, which are categorized in my planner, meals, shopping, orders, and to-dos.

10 Things to track in Your planner:

  • Your schedule
  • Your families’ schedule
  • Your spending
  • Your meal planner
  • Your cleaning schedule
  • Your daily routines (i.e. morning routine, nightly routine)
  • Your want list
  • Your To Do list
  • Your sticky notes
  • Your order tracking

Monday, October 13, 2014

Paper Planners AKA My Filofax Domino Personal

Do you have a paper planner?  I know in todays digital age, who is using a paper planner?  Well, I am, and I am not the only one.

I am very busy, well that is really an understatement, but I am loving every "planned" minute of it.  I use my planner to track the majority of things swirling around our home.  All of our schedules, finances, classes, my work, and other todos.  I tried to go all digital, but that just doesn't work, I can not get the full look scope of things using a digital calendar.  Now, I do track some things on my iPhone 5s, my checkbook is digital, my app that tracks my weight and what I eat, and how many calories I burn when I work out.  All of my store reward cards are also digital, but as far as our schedules I use my Filofax Domino Personal.

Is a planner right for you, well you have to make that call.  There is a world of planners to choose from, and many styles to try.  I have had to try several on my journey to my Filofax, which I am loving.

So if you need to get a hold of things.  If you need a place to stick all those sticky notes, or keep all of your kids school and doctor info, try a planner!  You may be surprised how wonderful paper can be.