Monday, May 19, 2014

Our New Small Backyard Garden

This year I have decided to plant a garden.  A small garden, something within my comfort zone.  So I did my research.  My favorite research tools are YouTube and Pinterest.  
I found Square Gardening and Raised Bed Gardening.  This seemed to be a small way I could venture into my gardening experiment.  
On Amazon I found a frame for a raised bed 2, 3 1/2 x 3 1/2 beds.  It was delivered to my house.  Once it arrived we (my girls and I) assembled it. 

Next we moved it into location. On the Lowes website I ordered soil, 16 bags of top soil, and 1 50lb bag of composted cow manure.  The order was ready for pick up, Lowes loaded my highlander.  At home we lined the bottom with cardboard and the girls and I unloaded the soil, they are very good helpers!

I made a Excel spread sheet of the plants I wanted to plant. Each side was marked off into 9 squares, 18 total. 

We made another trip to Lowes for our plants. 

Planting was fun, the girls enjoyed digging in the dirt.  

Now I made a trellis for my vining plants and made a grid on my garden.  I ordered a net to hang from the trellis for the plants to crawl up.

I purchased earth worms and started my composting. I'll share that in another blog.  

A week later we have radishes growing. 

Check back for our garden progress and more on trench composting and vermicomposting my way. 

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

My New Obsession HOT YOGA

Last year I ran, and ran, and ran.  I completed a 10-mile USO run, (it was not pretty 48 hours prior to the run I became violently ill, I lost consciousness three times, but I still ran!) Am I running now, well not so much?  I intend to work running back into my schedule but at the moment, I have found a new love…HOT YOGA!!
What is hot yoga you say?  Where I live it is an hour and half class, where you do yoga (aka Bikram Yoga) in a room heated to 105 degrees.  I sweat more than I have ever sweated in my life as I push myself to achieve the postures.  The class, setting, and the instructors are possibly the most positive environment I have experienced in a very long time.  The classes are diverse, all ages and stages, the instructors welcome everyone. 
I am invited many of my friends, several have joined.  Is it easy, well no, is it the best work out I have had in a long time, well yes.
Here is what I consider important “to know” about HOT YOGA:
·         Drink water before class (suggested 40 oz prior to class)
·         An hour before class I have a small snack (DO NOT eat anything heavy, I usually consume a small to medium size banana)
·         You want to wear clothing that wick away sweat, not cotton (I wear capri yoga pants and a sport top, the more fit you are it appears the less you wear fyi J)
·         Remove all makeup (this is the one place you can go completely bare, everyone is a sweaty mess at the end of class, it’s actually a nice change)
·         Bring water to class (you will want to sip water during class)
·         Yoga mat
·         Hair ties and head band (you don’t want to have to worry about brushing your wet hair out of your face as you assume a posture)
·         Towels 2-a large one and a hand towel to mop up sweat  (I chose to buy an actual yoga towel, I find if I need to stand on it, it doesn’t tend to slip as much like my beach towel did)
·         Get ready to breathe (breathing is key essential to yoga, breath=life)
·         A positive attitude (our instructors say, “Leave your ego at the door!”
So, if you are looking for a new challenge and a good way to work your muscles, increase you flexibility, sweat more than you ever have, and breathe away your stress, I suggest you give HOT Yoga a try.