Wednesday, February 19, 2014

My New Obsession HOT YOGA

Last year I ran, and ran, and ran.  I completed a 10-mile USO run, (it was not pretty 48 hours prior to the run I became violently ill, I lost consciousness three times, but I still ran!) Am I running now, well not so much?  I intend to work running back into my schedule but at the moment, I have found a new love…HOT YOGA!!
What is hot yoga you say?  Where I live it is an hour and half class, where you do yoga (aka Bikram Yoga) in a room heated to 105 degrees.  I sweat more than I have ever sweated in my life as I push myself to achieve the postures.  The class, setting, and the instructors are possibly the most positive environment I have experienced in a very long time.  The classes are diverse, all ages and stages, the instructors welcome everyone. 
I am invited many of my friends, several have joined.  Is it easy, well no, is it the best work out I have had in a long time, well yes.
Here is what I consider important “to know” about HOT YOGA:
·         Drink water before class (suggested 40 oz prior to class)
·         An hour before class I have a small snack (DO NOT eat anything heavy, I usually consume a small to medium size banana)
·         You want to wear clothing that wick away sweat, not cotton (I wear capri yoga pants and a sport top, the more fit you are it appears the less you wear fyi J)
·         Remove all makeup (this is the one place you can go completely bare, everyone is a sweaty mess at the end of class, it’s actually a nice change)
·         Bring water to class (you will want to sip water during class)
·         Yoga mat
·         Hair ties and head band (you don’t want to have to worry about brushing your wet hair out of your face as you assume a posture)
·         Towels 2-a large one and a hand towel to mop up sweat  (I chose to buy an actual yoga towel, I find if I need to stand on it, it doesn’t tend to slip as much like my beach towel did)
·         Get ready to breathe (breathing is key essential to yoga, breath=life)
·         A positive attitude (our instructors say, “Leave your ego at the door!”
So, if you are looking for a new challenge and a good way to work your muscles, increase you flexibility, sweat more than you ever have, and breathe away your stress, I suggest you give HOT Yoga a try.