Wednesday, January 20, 2016

My Schedules in 2016

I have a very busy life, with family, church, work, school, and the hundred other things I need to be doing, and I must to have a plan. How am I going to track everything for everyone that needs to be accomplished in a twenty-four hour period?

First I start with my Filofax Malden Personal ring bound planner, aka my brain. My Filofax has multiple sections but for now I want to focus on my schedules and how I measure my time. Calendars, calendars, and oh yeah calendars.

I have a monthly calendar in which I track every known appointment for our family and myself. I use the Filofax month on two pages as my monthly view calendar. 

Then I use the Filofax week on two pages (the one that begins on Sunday, the spaces for the weekend are the same size as the week day); here I list my daily tasks as a check off list that I want to accomplish. Just to name a few of my daily tasks: say the rosary, bible study, review my goals, 10 minute meditation, what laundry to wash, exercise, checking accounts, which room to clean, homework and more. 

On my Filofax daily calendar I track my day by hour, I complete these pages at the beginning of the week so I may wrap my head     around everything I need to accomplish.

I also use the Filofax month on one a page and the week on two pages for work and the Filofax month on one page for tracking my college courses.

For the family I have a large paper calendar that hangs on the door in our kitchen that exits to the garage, here I list information so we know when everyone has appointments scheduled. My husband and I also share the Google calendar on our phones, I also have a Google calendar setup for each of our girls and family events so I may set reminder alarms when needed.

The best advice I have for tracking your schedule and your family’s schedule, write it down or type it in, but be sure you have noted the event somewhere that you will access so you don’t miss anything. If you can’t write it down on your calendar immediately, write it on a sticky note and move it to your calendar later, just make time to do so.

Well this is how I am tracking our life; I hope it has given you ideas and inspiration that helps you with your schedule.

Many blessings in all you do. Until next month.
Busy Wife and Working Mom


For a closer look at my Filofax Personal Malden January 2016 Set Up:
Filofax Personal Malden January 2016 Set Up YouTube

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Filofax Malden Person Calendar Setup 2015 for home, family, work, and school

My calendar set up for my Filofax Malden Personal has evolved into a system that works very well for me.  I am tracking many areas of my life and my family’s life.  I have come to realize that I do not have to have everything crammed into one calendar, but having the calendar systems I am using in one location works better for me.
I first have a yearly calendar, so at a quick glance I am able to access whether or not a particular date is say on a weekend or a weekday.  After the month has occurred, I place a sticker, I am using a flower theme now, to show the months passed.  
The second calendar that I use is a month on two pages.  This provides me with an over look at the upcoming weeks.  On these calendars, I track appointments, family events, work schedules, paydays, and any additional events that may arise. With an overview of the month ahead facilitates my planning and scheduling our engagements.

Calendar number three is the week on two pages.  Here is where I track daily cleaning schedules, project to dos, a breakdown of appointments, plus vlog and blog editing.  This is my most utilized of the calendars.  This is what I depend on to keep myself on track, and not allowing anything to slip through the cracks.  I have included a line in front of my tasks (example:  __10 minute tidy), this allows me a place to check mark for the tasks as I complete them.  I receive a great sense of satisfaction for completing the task and adding an “official” check of completion.  Previously, I was using the cross off method, this made the task hard to read later, and there is something extremely gratifying about using that check mark.
My year at a glance, month on two pages, and week on two pages are from the Handy Forms,, I have ordered from this company off Amazon and eBay with great success.  You may select calendars with or without lines.  I prefer with lines, I feel that it improves my handwriting.  My work and school “calendars” I have created myself.  They are on Filofax grid or quadrille graph paper that I ordered from Amazon.  I use a ruler for straight lines, and my sharpie pen fine point.  
For my work calendar I layout Monday through Friday with corresponding dates, on the grid paper.  I am able to add the tasks with a line to check off the completed tasks, as with my personal calendar.  Items that I want to be sure I complete each day, go on this “calendar”.  I also keep a running to do list for work, also on the Filofax grid paper with the same check off design.  I have punched both sides of the to do list, so depending what side on the paper the current week is on, on the calendar, I may move the to do list for ease of access.
The “calendar” I create for my college courses is a scale down version of the work calendar.  On the top of the grid paper, I list the current month and semester.  For example, I will be taking three different classes for Spring I semester. The first line is for the date and day, and then I leave three blank lines, one for each current class, and my check mark line for completion at the beginning of each task.  I find if I do a little work each day on my classes, my week is less stressful, and I do not have long nights finishing an assignment. 
A word about sticky notes, I am a sticky note fan, but you have to use them in a way that supports you and not a way that adds clutter to your world, no one needs additional clutter.  I use 2 by 1.5 inch post it notes in order to jot down something I may not have time to place properly in my calendar, this way I may “post it” later.  I also use post it notes for reminders.  On a page finder/ruler from my previous Franklin Covey planner, I line up post it notes with reminders, do not forget, meals I have on hand, shipments I am expecting, and future planning written on them.  These are brightly colored and pop out at me, but I have one general area for them (on the page finder) so they are not spread throughout my planner and forgotten.
This is what works for me; you have to find what works for you.  I hope I have inspired you; we all need to reduce stress and simplify our lives so we may enjoy the little things.  Good luck on your planning adventure.
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